A Green Christmas (and other imperfect goings-on)

Since Christmas is right around the corner I obviously have to say something about it, right? Something about what to focus on or encouragement to attend church on Christmas Eve. Yes, these things are important, but instead I’m going to take a different approach to this holiday…

Acceptance of the imperfect.

Christmas is one of those long-awaited times that are pictured in all its Hallmark movie glory throughout the year. Oftentimes, when we actually arrive at it, it can be at the very least underwhelming.  For some it can end up being devastating.

A lot of my good friends have experienced the loss of a loved one this year, and this will be their first Christmas without that treasured person there. I’m not going to pretend to understand exactly what they’re going through, but I am going to encourage them to find joy in what we do have rather than what we don’t.

Sadly, our loved ones aren’t  always going to be there, but there are always going to be new people to invest in and love in honor of those who are gone.

For others, it’s the festivities that can ruin the holiday with their imperfection. When the ham doesn’t cook right or the casserole burns, or even if the fork is on the wrong side of the knife it can cause distress.

Big picture time: It’s okay. It’s okay if the food is burned or the table isn’t set right. It’s even okay if Christmas doesn’t include all of the people it usually does for you, though it might not feel okay right now.

Yes this is because of the monumental event of Christ’s humbling Himself and taking on the fullness of humanity. But it’s also because the imperfect things are inescapable, uncontrollable, and inevitable. I hate to break it to you but life isn’t Pinterest-perfect.

So when things unexpectedly go wrong, you can remain unshaken through the One who is never wrong. When people aren’t present who you wish were, or people are here that you wish weren’t, remember that Christ came for them too, and you can show Christ’s love by accepting them and loving them in their imperfection.

This holiday season, things will go wrong. Maybe by a little, and maybe by a lot. But that’s to be expected and accepted, because it’s okay to be fallen in a fallen world. Especially with our Savior on the way!


Still overcoming,


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