Live a Rejection-Proof Life

Rejection is something so common we don’t always recognize it. Picture this: you’re sitting with friends, co-workers, family, etc. and you say something you think is funny but no one laughs. You feel a twinge of embarrassment as the situation becomes awkward, and most people would leave it at that. Embarrassing and nothing else.

However, most people are wrong; there is something lying under the surface that builds up over time, seeping into one’s soul and causing division between you and the world around you. Causing division between you and yourself. Division between you and God.

Recognize rejection so you can defeat it.

Situations like the one I just described where rejection is felt but overlooked are common, daily experiences. In addition there are situations where rejection is a targeted attack, inescapable and cutting to the core.

When untreated, the spirit of rejection can grow so much that it seeps into your bloodstream like a toxin, poisoning relationships and your sense of identity. Rejection is a powerful weapon, a contagious disease, a hard knot of scar tissue. Rejection is a catalyst for the destruction of our connections with self, others, and God, so what can we do to heal ourselves from past rejection and guard ourselves from future rejection?

Know that we have the option of protection under the shadow of the wing of the Father.

“He will cover you with his feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.”

Psalm 91:4

Know that He never leaves or forsakes His child.

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Deuteronomy 31:6

Know that if you are the Lord’s then He will never reject you.

“For the Lord will not reject His people; He will never forsake His inheritance.”

Psalm 94:14

Know that He is not like your earthly parents, siblings, friends, acquaintances, classmates, or any stranger you see walking down the street. He is the Lord God and He is your Heavenly Father, His ways are perfect and He always keep His promises.

He is a safe place to put you heart because you will never be rejected by Him. Chastened, yes, because your Father loves you and disciplines you for your good and His glory. But rejected? Forsaken? Pushed aside? Forgotten? Never.

Live a rejection-proof life by surrendering your life to the One who will never reject you. It’s as simple as that. People will always fail you, they will hurt you, they will make you feel unloved. God never will, He is faithful to do what He says He will and He will heal your wounds of past rejection.

Have immunity from rejection by having Christ sit on the throne of your heart, not any human being.

“The Lord is for me, so I will have no fear. What can mere people do to me?”

Psalm 118:6

If we abide in Christ, people don’t stand a chance. Live free of rejection by living in Christ.


Still overcoming,


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