I Said “Good” Way Too Much in This Post

God is really cool.

Not just because He is the Creator and Ruler of the cosmos, though that’s pretty sick too, but also because He is the Sustainer. He is not the Deist God that stands back and lets fallen humanity snowball down the hill of depravity.

He is our Abba Father, the one who calls Himself our Friend. He hears our prayers and answers (even if it’s not always the answer we want). He is the God who interrupted the entire course of history by reaching out His hand to catch us as we plummeted towards eternal death and giving believers a permanent remedy for our sin-sick souls.

And in addition to that eternal life or death intervention, He cares about every little thing about you. He cares enough to number the hairs on your head. He cares enough to want you to be in constant conversation with Him. Constant! It’s crazy to me how a holy and righteous God desires intimate relationship with fallen and evil people.

And it’s not because of anything we did or could ever do! It’s not because of who we are or anything we could offer up to God! It’s because of who God is. It’s because of His perfect goodness, perfect compassion, perfect love.

So, we have a God who intervenes in our lives AND cares about even the smallest most unnecessary detail. Which means that just as He interacts with His people in the big things He also acts in the little things.

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows” (James 1:17 NIV).

This is beautiful. This verse is so so beautiful. Everything good in your life is from God. Even the things that don’t seem good to us God promises to use for His glory and our sanctification in Romans 8:28. The God who commands the stars to shine also wrapped and tied a bow around every single part of your life that’s good or any good that is made from evil. And this love, this generosity expressed by the Father, is unchanging.

Next time you experience a simple joy, a happy “coincidence”, even the most barely distinguishable goodness that may be the result of a great evil, that is God. That is God being loving and personal and caring and kind. Because that’s part of God’s unchanging character.

It’s overwhelming as good after good keeps coming to mind to think that God is so gracious as to gift each one.

Still overcoming,