I’m Desperate

I’m desperate because of the reality of my brokenness.

I was recently introduced to the idea of desperate faith, and the more time I spend thinking about it, the more I find it growing within me. Desperate faith is the idea that we are so in need of a Savior and so hopeless without one that our faith in Christ is like clinging to a life preserver in the middle of the ocean. We are dependant on Him because He is completely necessary for our survival.

Jesus Christ isn’t just someone who some people choose to add into their lives to help them feel like “good people” in this lifetime. No, He is our only hope, the only one who can cleanse us from the sin that separates us from the God who created and sustains us and restore us to Him not only in eternity but right now as well. Without Christ and the blood that He shed to offer us salvation, we would be condemned to be enemies of God forever, with no way to escape the damnation to Hell that we all deserve because of our innate and abundant sin.

Desperation can have a negative connotation to it, but when I say desperate faith I’m not saying it in the sense that we are longing for something that we could really do without. Desperate faith is the acknowledgment that we cannot do anything worthwhile or of eternal consequence without Christ. We can’t fulfill our purpose of glorifying God and expanding His Kingdom without Christ. We can’t have a right relationship with God without Christ. We can’t escape the eternal death that is Hell without Christ.

Even looking at things that aren’t life or death, we are still totally lost without the LORD. We can have no unceasing joy, no uncircumstantial peace, no unconditional love without Him who offers those things to us freely if we would only reach out and accept them from His outstretched hand.

We are in desperate need of a Savior, and I would encourage you to put your trust in Jesus Christ as that Savior if you haven’t already. Without Him, you are lost both in this life and eternally.

And if you have already accepted Christ, do not let this message slip by as something only for those who are not yet saved. Desperate faith is for you and me too. As I fight pride and the false reality of self-sufficiency that can be so tempting to entertain, desperate faith reminds me that I am helpless and hopeless on my own. When I find myself in a dry season of faith where I feel stagnant, desperate faith tells me that it is essential to continue moving towards God, that drifting away because “I don’t feel like it” is not an option because of how deep my need for His provision is.

Desperate faith has taught me that pursuing the LORD no matter how I’m feeling or what the situation is so absolutely necessary that there is no excuse or secondary option than obedience and surrender.


Still overcoming,


4 thoughts on “I’m Desperate

  1. I’m desperate too!! And so thankful to be in a desperate position to be in need of Jesus. I love what you said here, “Desperate faith is the acknowledgment that we cannot do anything worthwhile or of eternal consequence without Christ.” In Him we move, we breathe and have all our being. Hallelujah!

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