12 Christmas Blessings

Man, break is almost over. That went by fast.

But though it’s sad that the days will return to being filled with school and homework rather than parties and naps, there is so much to be thankful for this holiday season! I was tagged by Heaven in the “12 Christmas Blessings” challenge and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to express and meditate on my gratitude as well as share it with all of you!


#1- A Break From Routine

I’m the kind of person that can become so dependant on predictability that I find it hard to adjust when change comes. But when that change is good, like the relaxed and family-filled schedule of the holiday season, I find that I grow and change much more than I do when I stall in the comfort of routine. So though it’s difficult to go from going to bed at 11 and waking up whenever to waking up at 5 and going to sleep at 9:30, it’s worth it when I see how I discover more about myself, the Lord, and the world around me when I experience things in a different way than normal.


#2- Family

Okay, probably an expected and predictable answer, but no less true! My family isn’t whole very often anymore, with my oldest brother moved halfway across the country and my middle brother off in college. So, it’s especially meaningful when we all get to be together and spend time with each other, and definitely something I am treasuring up in my heart for the future when it will become rarer and rarer.


#3- Friends

Again, predictable, I know. But this one’s not as general as the others, I actually have a story for this one. Last week was my childhood best friend and next-door neighbor’s sixteenth birthday party. I said I would go but didn’t realize until later that I would know no one. Since she’s a year younger than me, even if we did still go to the same school I wouldn’t know any of her friends! So I’m thankful that she let me have a +1 to bring one of my friends, and I’m thankful for the friend that agreed to come with me even though she knew even fewer people than me!


#4- Christmas Decorations

Winter is my favorite season not only for the holidays themselves but also for the look of the world around me. I love seeing all the twinkling lights and carefully ornamented Christmas trees. My family’s tree is full of memories that we relive each year when we go through the box and hang each one, the only problem is that I can’t reach the top quarter of the tree so it ends up looking a little bare until my brothers step in!


#5- My Dog

Esther is now an integral part of our nuclear family, she even has matching Christmas pajamas with the rest of us! Little Essie brings such joy, peace, and laughter into our house, and it may seem like I’m exaggerating the impact of one little doggy but I promise you, I’m not. She’s a little angel and we all love her so much.

#6- My Bed

Naps. Enough said.

#7- The Book of Esther

Not to be confused with my dog Esther, I’m talking about the book of the Bible. Right now I’m doing a Bible study of Esther by Beth Moore called “It’s Tough Being a Woman” and man is it good stuff! The truth that I’m learning really changes how I’ve always thought of Esther and I would totally recommend to anyone looking for a good book-specific Bible Study!

#8- Old Journals

The kind that have worn edges ripped pages, scribbled out mistakes, and so much heart poured into them. The kind that, like my own nearly finished journal, are full of biblical truth and words from God.

#9- New Journals

The kind full of promise, potential, and providence. Like the one that my friend gave me for my birthday full of Bible verses that will perfectly replace the one that is quickly running out of space on my shelf. These new journals offer so much to learning and discovery in their empty pages,

#10- Another Year Lived

My birthday just happens to fall only 9 days after Jesus’s, so I’m thankful for the year that brought me to 17 and all of the sanctification that, by the power of His Spirit in me, I’ve experienced. I can look forward to this next year with anxious anticipation for what God has in store and hope in all His promises that never change.

#11- A License!

Yes ladies and gentlemen I did, in fact, PASS my driver’s test! Woohoo! The Lord answered our prayers with a gentle and kind tester who helped put me at ease with her lightheartedness and jokes. The feeling of driving by yourself is totally amazing and I can’t wait to see all the places I’ll go.

#12- A Working Engine

I am so, inexpressibly grateful for the four wheels and engine that carry me from place to place with my new license. By the way, her name is Barbara!


So I’d call that a successful end to 2019 and a great start to 2020! Thanks again Heaven for tagging me in this challenge and giving me the opportunity to share my gratitude with everyone else and, hopefully, encourage them to explore their own thankfulness!

Instead of picking a few people to challenge in return, I want to challenge every reader, whether you have a blog or not, to make a list of what you’re thankful for. In your head or on paper, it doesn’t matter. Just take some time to count your blessings and I promise you, only good will come from it.


Still overcoming,


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