Hey so…

I got accepted into college!

I know it’s super early (I’m only a junior) but it still feels like a big pressure off my chest. Even though it’s not something I really doubted would happen because I’ve always worked hard in school, it’s just one of those things that since you’ve been working toward it your whole life it feels really relieving when it’s secured.

Speaking of security, let’s talk about the LORD.

Though there are undeniable earthly securities, they are nothing in comparison to the eternal security we gain from faith in Him. I could get college acceptance letters all day long and still be left wanting for a firm foundation.

You know the parable about the wise man who built his house on the rock and the foolish man who built his house on the sand, but when the storm came only the house on the rock stood firm and the house on the sand crumbled? That’s like this. When we take things like jobs, relationships, approval, even family, and make them our safety and security, we are making a foolish mistake.

Nothing assures our security like the LORD. He is the only eternally unchanging, unconditionally loving, ever-righteous foundation. There simply is no other option, it’s either make God your everything or live a foolish life filled with the terrifying ups and downs of shifting sands that reach a 10.0 on the Richter Scale.

I am so guilty of this, I turn to all of these different things than the One True God who promises to never fail me. I feel that “If I only graduate high school, then I’m good.” Or “As soon as I get my first job out of college I’m set.” But that is so untrue!

The world is corrupted by the infection of sin, it will never be fair, stable, or good to you. But you know who will? Do you know who promises to work everything for the good of those who love Him? The LORD God.

Let Him be your security. Allow His promises to be what you put your hope in rather than worldly achievements that are but a vapor in the wind. Because of who He is, we can have confidence in our eternal home and earthly purpose.


Still overcoming,


4 thoughts on “Security

  1. This is so encouraging, Hannah!! I needed to read this. I’ve discovered that I find security in my grades. And this wonderful post is a great reminder. Thank you so much for writing this, sis! ❤

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