God’s Not Just Big, He’s Good Big

*Read with caution: uppercase/lowercase nouns and pronouns are intentional and important, it gets a little theological so buckle up folks* Though I don't read as much as I feel like I should, every once in awhile I'll pick up a Christian book to slowly work through on vacations, during standardized testing at school, that kind of thing. … Continue reading God’s Not Just Big, He’s Good Big

God’s Not in the Box, You Shouldn’t be Either

Whether vocational, social, relational, whatever it is, we are to do everything as unto the Lord, right? So why do Christians still fall into the "inside the box" mentality when serving the One who is outside of the laws of time, space, matter, and consequentially, the box? I naturally tend towards the box, I see … Continue reading God’s Not in the Box, You Shouldn’t be Either

We’re All in This Together

Yes, the title is a Highschool Musical reference. Don't judge me too hard, it was an integral part of my development as a person. Anyways, I wanted to shed some light on something that I think is really often overlooked in Christian communities, and I'll go so far as to single out Christian young women. … Continue reading We’re All in This Together