We’re All in This Together

Yes, the title is a Highschool Musical reference. Don't judge me too hard, it was an integral part of my development as a person. Anyways, I wanted to shed some light on something that I think is really often overlooked in Christian communities, and I'll go so far as to single out Christian young women. … Continue reading We’re All in This Together

Popped Trash Balloon

Hello everyone! It's good to be back writing again, I missed posting last week because of a family vacation but I have since returned to normal life (a sad, non-beachy, not eating goldish for every meal kind of normal). "Popped trash balloon" is quite the title, but may be more relatable than you'd think. This … Continue reading Popped Trash Balloon

I’m Building a City (because God told me to)

Big happenings this week, like super-big-woah-is-this-real-life type stuff. I took my SAT test in June and it took like 5 weeks to get my score when it usually only takes 2 so you best believe I was up at 5am Wednesday morning refreshing the College Board website. Not as bad as my mom though, she … Continue reading I’m Building a City (because God told me to)